How do we know your child has genius in them?


Math is
the Blackest thing ever!

Math Mastery Movement combats the confidence and wealth gaps with an inspiring take on Mathematics that reconnects children with Math again.

Infusing history, confidence, and understanding into the learning process is how Math Mastery Movement is different and effective. It is amazing what a little bit of truth and knowledge can do for children who have been disconnected from their history and achievements of their ancestors.

The Math Mastery Movement delivers this insight and understanding to our children.

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Humble Beginnings

In the educational African centered powerhouse known as Sankofa Shule in Lansing, MI, a powerful educational initiative was born. The year was 1997, and Assata Moore, a passionate and visionary new teacher, perceived the profound need for an educational approach that would redefine how math was taught to Black students, an approach that would celebrate their rich heritage and genius. 

Thus, the "African Mathematical Genius" program was conceived. As an engineering student and volunteer at the school she was teaching her students advanced math concepts, coding, physics, and engineering design. From this experience, she quickly realized the genius in children as they were picking up quickly on these concepts as elementary students.

As time flowed, the program evolved, gathering momentum and impact. In 2020, a pivotal moment in its history arrived. Assata Moore partnered with Freddie Taylor and Ian Parks of Urban Intellectuals, bringing together collective expertise, dedication, and a shared vision for the empowerment of Black students in the realm of mathematics.

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With this partnership, the program was renamed "Black Math Genius." The first product from this partnership was the Black Math Genius Bootcamp - a series of videos teaching the African origins of math, advanced mathematical concepts, and coding in Python.

However, the journey of transformation didn't stop there. Recognizing the broader ambition of the initiative and its overarching mission to revolutionize how all students, irrespective of their backgrounds, approached and mastered mathematics, in 2023, it was given its current and most encompassing name: "Math Mastery Movement."

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The Math Mastery Movement's Purpose

Math Mastery Movement stands as a testament to the relentless dedication of its founder, the partnerships that strengthened it, and the countless students it has empowered. With a legacy rooted in celebrating the genius of every child, it continues to pave the way for mathematical excellence and confidence in students across the nation.

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[ba_flipbox front_media_type="none" front_title="Mission" back_media_type="none" back_description="To address the systemic educational gaps faced by Black students by offering transformative math education that integrates deep conceptual understanding, historical context, and real-world application. Through our intentional focus on the true origins of mathematics and its contemporary significance, we strive to boost students' confidence, equip them with the skills for high-demand careers, and instill a lasting belief in their innate genius." front_bg_color="#0380ae" _builder_version="4.21.0" _module_preset="default" front_title_text_color="#ffffff" back_description_text_color="#000000" back_description_font_size="16px" back_description_font_size_tablet="" back_description_font_size_phone="10px" back_description_font_size_last_edited="on|phone" global_colors_info="{}" _i="0" _address="" theme_builder_area="post_content" /]

How to help Math Mastery Movement create more geniuses

Who is behind
Math Mastery Movement?

Assata started teaching at the age of eighteen!  In February of 2017, at the age of forty-one, she retired from her district level position at the University of Chicago's Urban Education Institute.  Prior to that position, Assata spent five years as a high school principal where she brought a school from red to green in terms of education, staff morale, and budget on the 5 Essential Supports.  As a teacher and principal, she traveled the world teaching other teachers how to teach mathematics, physics, and engineering in a fun and engaging way; effective leadership; and systems and strategies for running a successful school.  

She has a mathematics degree from Michigan State University where she also served as the program coordinator.  In 2009, she was voted one of the top mathematics teachers in the state of Illinois.  In 2015, she was invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to the White House with two of her students because of her school’s college persistence rating.  

In 2020 she converted her years of lessons and first mathematics book entitled, “African Mathematical Genius” into an online course and then company that would become known as “Black Math Genius”. Black Math Genius works with schools and districts across the country to train their teachers in math content and pedagogy. These trainings and professional development are done from a culturally responsive paradigm that enhances instruction to enhance student learning outcomes. Additionally, Black Math Genius offers virtual tutoring for students starting in grade three and going through college.